Marcie Brooks: A Master Flower Show Judge

The National Garden Clubs, Inc. Handbook For Flower Shows contains the rules and regulations for design and horticulture
that Federated Garden Clubs must follow.
Reflective Design is a creative design containing reflective materials giving back images of light to the viewer.

        1. The reflective materials are an integral part of the overall design.
        2. Staging in front of or on a mirror is not acceptable.

A Creative Design featuring an Armature form (grid-like structure)

     1. The Armature Form is created by the exhibitor; plant material  and other optional components are supported by                the Armature. 

      2. The Armature Form may be made from plant and/or man-made material. It is greater in proportion than the other              components combined.

     3. The Armature is self-supporting or may rely on a container/s or other devices.

     4. Water tubes or other means of water supply for fresh plant material may be used. The  picture of this design has a            title because it was entered in a Flower Show. The other designs that don't have titles were not entered in a Flower                Show.

Challenge Design

A  design where the Flower Show Committee provides identical components to Exhibitors. Not all provided materials must be used. This design contains 3 of the 5 materials provided by the committee. These 3 components are 

a C-Pap hose, slices from a styrofoam noodle and 2 CDs.

IMG-2483 (1).jpg


Armature Design








Owlets Captured in My Yard


Two owlets spent every night for 6 – 7 weeks perched on the edge of the birdbath in my backyard. I have seen them drinking from the birdbath. I managed to get about 6 feet from them in order to get this picture. 

My backyard backs up to the desert. It is fenced in to keep out coyotes, javelina, snakes and other critters. I always keep a hummingbird feeder filled with nectar and lots of other types of birds drink the nectar. 

I also feed birds every morning – halved oranges and apples, peeled bananas, bread crumbs, etc. I think “momma owl” assessed my yard as a safe place to park her little ones while she hunted during the night. During several windy, rainy nights, the owlets didn’t show up. I’m thinking momma owl and her offspring remained in a more sheltered place during stormy weather. There are tall saguaro cacti not far from my backyard and they all have holes that could provide a nesting place inside them.